What We Do

At CenCore Group, we craft solutions that redefine the landscape of security and intelligence. Our commitment to excellence, resilience, and service resonates through every aspect of our work, from Cleared Security Escorts to cutting-edge IT solutions.

Protecting Our Nations Security

At CenCore Group, our mission is to protect our national security interests discreetly, both at home and abroad. We approach this mission from various angles, leveraging our expertise in Physical Security, Intelligence Operations, and Information Technology. We are committed to securing our nation comprehensively, recognizing that cyber and physical security are equally vital components in maintaining our nation’s security.

Protecting Our Nations Security

Secure Units

Innovative CSUs revolutionize on-the-move communication for classified information.

National Security Program

Enabling all, regardless of experience, to gain clearance and enter government contracting careers.


Explore advanced services securing networks, hardware, and software integrity.

Physical Security

Physical Security

Unmatched solutions for resilient defense, safeguarding assets and personnel.

Access Control Officer

Access Control Officer manage security systems efficiently.

Security Escorts

Security escorts provide protection during transit and movement.

Cleared Armed Guard

The Cleared Armed Guard patrolled the premises with unwavering vigilance.

Construction Surveillance Technician

Construction Surveillance Technicians monitor construction sites.

Leading the Way in Security Solutions

We pioneer innovative solutions across sectors, ensuring robust protection and intelligence. Whether it’s securing facilities & construction projects or providing advanced IT and Intel support, our expertise stands at the forefront, ensuring your peace of mind in an ever-evolving security landscape.

Leading the Way in Security Solutions