National Security Program


The Pre-Program stage involves submitting applications and security paperwork for Cencore’s NSP to obtain your clearance. Swift completion is essential due to the time-consuming clearance process to receive a US security clearance.


The Program stage starts once you obtain your security clearance. Here, you’ll work on a D.C.-based contract in a high-security government facility, focusing on security escorting.

Post Program

After completing 2080 hours, your contract with Cencore is no longer binding. While further employment is optional, we hope your experience encourages continued collaboration with us.

About Government Contracting

A very large portion of the work you think the US government does is not directly done by government employees. The government pays private companies within the United States to provide goods and services. These contractors, as they’re called, work side by side in government facilities – on government workstations – doing the same work as government employees. Cencore is one of these government contractors. We have many contracts in Intel, Construction, IT, and Security, although Security is our largest sleeve of work. 

What is the NSP?

Cencore’s National Security Program is designed to allow everyone, no matter your previous work experience, an opportunity to receive a US Security Clearance and start your career in the government contracting industry. Cencore works with candidates to help them receive a Top-Secret Clearance at an expedited speed and gives them job opportunities in the field of each candidate’s choice. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Hold a high school diploma
  • Be a US citizen
  • Zero drug use 90 days before applying and while processing for a clearance
  • Registered for Selective Service (for males)
  • Commit to working 2,080 hours with Cencore.

How to Get a Security Clearance

Many people wonder how to get a Security Clearance and it isn’t as easy as it seems. Obtaining a US Government Security Clearance is a regulated process, and individuals generally can’t secure one independently. US Security Clearances are typically granted through direct sponsorship by a government agency or a government contractor with specific contracts enabling sponsorship. At Cencore, we facilitate the US Security Clearance process through our National Security Program, ensuring eligible individuals receive the necessary sponsorship for a successful security clearance.

Stages of the Program

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How long does it take to get a US Security Clearance?

Your clearance investigation typically spans around 18 months. While Cencore cannot guarantee the exact duration, most applicants complete the process within this timeframe. Comparable clearances from agencies like the FBI, CIA, and DOD also take approximately 24+ months. By participating in Cencore’s NSP, you’ll attain a TS/SCI w/ a Polygraph, a highly valuable credential for a career in the Intelligence Community.

What’s the difference between Pre-Screening & Application?

The application relates to position-specific requirements, while the Pre-Screening form pertains to clearance. Adherence to strict government requirements for individuals with clearances is essential, and we encourage open honesty to ensure eligibility.

Position Details

As a Security Escort, your role involves escorting and monitoring uncleared personnel within restricted areas. Operating in the security domain of a Top-Secret government facility, you will actively counteract technical espionage, acts of terror, and any threats or crimes against the U.S. government.

Length Requirement

We see this role as a stepping stone to your career goals. By expediting your clearance and providing hands-on experience in government contracts, we aim to leverage your skills, certifications, and degrees to secure a job in your preferred field. Candidates obtaining their security clearance through CenCore’s National Security Program commit to a full-time man-year, totaling 2,080 hours.


Full-time personnel will receive two separate hourly wages: the actual hourly rate and a Health & Welfare payment. The combined total will be $29.52/hr. For part-time personnel, the total adds up to $26.38/hr.

Contract Obligations

Upon completing the full 2,080 hours, the candidate’s employment with CenCore is no longer obligatory. Although continued employment is not mandatory, we hope your experience has been satisfactory, encouraging a potential continuation with CenCore.

What’s Next?

As you progress in this role, CenCore is committed to aiding you in discovering positions aligning with your interests and aspirations. We will actively support the launch of your career within this industry, ensuring that by the completion of your contract obligations, you are positioned for success in your chosen career path.

Levels of Security Clearances


Confidential Clearance

The lowest level, granting access to information that may cause damage to national security if disclosed without authorization.


Secret Clearance

A mid-level clearance, providing access to classified information that could cause serious damage to national security if improperly disclosed.


Top-Secret Clearance (TS/SCI)

The highest level, allowing access to highly sensitive information that could result in exceptionally grave damage to national security if disclosed without proper authorization.