Join our mission-driven team where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to succeed. Shape the future of security and intelligence with us, where the mission and our people always come first. Explore our openings now!

CenCore LLC

Elevating Excellence in Physical Security, Intel, and IT

At CenCore LLC, we set new benchmarks in physical security, intelligence, and information technology. Our national scope means our team is engaged across the United States, offering pioneering solutions and specialized knowledge to the Intelligence Community. Join us and become a valued member of a company that prioritizes both mission success and your personal development.

Pioneering Security Solutions in VA and MD

As the premier provider of security personnel, CenCore Associates is dedicated to cultivating the development and leadership of our team members as they serve on our teams. While our primary focus for opportunities at CenCore Associates lies within the DMV area, we also offer numerous nationwide positions. If you take pride in delivering committed, excellent, and service-oriented results, you could be an excellent addition to our team.

Pioneering Security Solutions in VA and MD

Our Focus

Our focus at CenCore Group is to safeguard our nation’s security interests discreetly, employing advanced technologies and strategic intelligence solutions both domestically and internationally. With a focus on innovative approaches and unwavering commitment, we protect critical assets and ensure the safety of our citizens and allies.

CenCore Group

Hear What Our Team Has to Say

Explore the authentic viewpoints and sentiments shared by our esteemed employees, offering a revealing insight into the heartbeat of our organization as they articulate their thoughts and experiences.

“Throughout my years of recruiting, upper management has emphasized that we don’t just bring on employees but bring on people that believe in the mission. It’s been really cool to see my efforts come to life with amazing personnel who believe in the mission.”

Recruiter – Springville, UT

“Working at CenCore Group as an Access Control Officer has been great as the company has created a strong sense of community and values its employees. They push us to excel while appreciating our efforts, making it a supportive and great workplace.”

Access Control Officer – Warrenton, VA

“It has felt so rewarding to be a part of a bigger mission than myself. Every day, I feel the sense of pride of being a part of a company that deeply cares about our nation’s security & being the number one security provider in the nation.”

Security Escort – Fort Meade, MD