About Us

Providing physical and cyber security solutions for government and commercial customers worldwide.

Our Rich History

CenCore Group was founded to provide advanced intelligence and mission support to the US Intelligence and Special Operations communities worldwide. Our teams were closely embedded with forward deployed units in 15 countries. We were elite mission partners—analyzing, operating, and solutioning. We “moved the mission.” We saved lives.

Now, almost fifteen years later, we are nearly 1000 strong, and we stretch across the entire globe. Not only are we growing, but we are rapidly growing. As we grow, we continue to safeguard our nation’s most sensitive programs, facilities and infrastructure.

The Critical Difference for Superior Results

Absolutely everything that we do at CenCore Group relates directly to National Defense and Security. What we do every day is critical. Men and women on the front lines rely on us to do our job well.

  • Our work is unusual.
  • It is demanding.
  • And we are successful.

This is in great part due to our shared values: Service, Commitment, Excellence.

It is our people that make the critical difference in our superior results. We are known for our technical competence and are unequivocally trusted by our customers to handle the toughest of situations. We are competent, credible and capable. Our caliber of people defines us.



We prioritize serving our customers and community with dedication, attentiveness, and a genuine desire to meet their needs.



We are deeply committed to our customers, employees, and mission, demonstrating reliability, integrity, and accountability in all our interactions and endeavors.



We are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality and performance in everything we do, striving for continuous improvement and innovation.

Specialized Cleared Teams

We build exceptional teams. We carefully recruit, screen, assess and select our people. Then we qualify them for their jobs. This is a long process, but a necessary process, so that we can offer tactical-line leadership and mission ready teams, better than the competition.

We are characterized by our relentless pursuit of excellence, our unyielding integrity, and our unwavering dedication to protecting what matters most. Our team of highly skilled professionals, with backgrounds in defense, intelligence, and technology, brings a wealth of experience to every mission.

Specialized Cleared Teams

CenCore Group’s History


CenCore LLC Established. Provided operational intelligence support to SOCOM.


CenCore Logistics established. Provided enhanced forward deploy operational support.


Awarded Vendor Vetting Reachback Cell Program to vet and verify foreign national corporate companies working with US and NATO forces in the Middle East.


CenCore Associates established.


Awarded IC security program.


National Security Program (NSP) established.


QualCore established. Awarded lntel Community (lc)construction security program.


CenCore Development Group (CDG) established.


Awarded Microsoft Air-Gap Cloud Security Services.


CenCore Group formed. Aligning capabilities by organization to deliver the industry’s premier design, build and secure services.

Mission First, People Always

Mission First, People Always

At Cencore Group, “Mission First, People Always” is our compass. Rooted in values of excellence, commitment, and service, it guides our unwavering allegiance to clients and employees alike. Through relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment in challenges, and dedicated service, we prioritize both mission success and the well-being of our team.

This defines our approach, ensuring exceptional results for clients and fostering a supportive environment where employees thrive. “Mission First, People Always”—a commitment to the success of both our clients and our valued team.