Cleared Physical

CenCore Group is the largest provider of cleared security professionals across the USG

Broad Range of Skill Sets

We meet ICD 705 Compliance, regularly train and test it, ensuring strict adherence to Intelligence Community (IC) requirements. This diverse expertise ensures that our specialists are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of security challenges and offer unfailing protection for your facilities. We guarantee a rapid response and provide a seamless and personalized experience for every client.

Access Control Officers

CenCore Group’s Access Control Specialists play a crucial role in data center security. Trained for critical security, and cleared with TS, TS/SCI, and TS/SCI with Polygraphs clearances, they offer advanced screening and access security.

Construction Surveillance Technicians

CenCore Group’s CSTs ensure construction site security. Available for quick deployment, they offer advanced surveillance and risk management, enhancing project safety & ensuring site accreditation.

Security Escorts

Security escorts ensure safety throughout the facility. Specializing in data centers, construction sites, and secure facilities, they offer vigilant protection & securely facilitate uncleared individuals.

Cleared Armed Guards

CenCore Group’s Cleared Armed Guards assure secure exterior site safety. Trained for cleared armed or unarmed security needs, our security guards have you covered.

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