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Mission First, People Always

At Cencore, “Mission First, People Always” is our compass. Rooted in values of excellence, resilience, and service, it guides our unwavering commitment to clients and employees alike. Through relentless pursuit of excellence, resilience in challenges, and dedicated service, we prioritize both mission success and the well-being of our team.

This mantra defines our approach, ensuring exceptional results for clients and fostering a supportive environment where employees thrive. “Mission First, People Always”—a commitment to excellence, resilience, service, and the success of both our clients and our valued team.

CenCore is committed to creating a security space and transforming it from an industry standard to the CenCore Standard.


What We Do

Discover CenCore’s comprehensive security solutions, tailored for both classified and commercial spaces. We redefine safety standards with services covering physical security, cutting-edge CSUs, and advanced IT/Intel solutions.

Our unparalleled capabilities extend across networks, hardware, software, consulting, integration, installation, and system management. Whether for government or commercial clients, our end-to-end solutions address unique security needs.

Containerized Secure Units

Innovative CSUs revolutionize on-the-move communication for classified information.

Physical Security

Unmatched solutions for resilient defense, safeguarding assets and personnel.

IT/Intel Services

Explore advanced services securing networks, hardware, and software integrity.

CenCore’s Core Capabilities


CenCore specializes in physical security, Intel and IT services.


Expert consulting to tailor solutions to your needs.


Site security management, CSTs, installation, and system development.


Advanced solutions from access control to penetration testing.


Continuous testing, security system management, and support.


CenCore works with fortune 50 companies & federal entities.

Mission-Critical Solutions

Government contracting, often referred to as federal contracting or defense contracting, encompasses a strategic partnership between private entities and government agencies. As a federal contractor or defense contractor, our organization collaborates with government entities to provide a wide array of goods and services, ranging from security solutions to advanced technology support.

This multifaceted relationship involves competitive bidding, stringent compliance with government regulations, and adherence to contractual terms. Federal contractors play a pivotal role in supporting government initiatives, ensuring the seamless execution of projects, and contributing to national security. The dynamic nature of government contracting requires adaptability, compliance, and a commitment to excellence, positioning contractors as crucial contributors to the effective functioning of government agencies.

Careers at CenCore:

Where Excellence Meets Opportunity

Join a team committed to “Mission First, People Always.” At CenCore, we offer more than just jobs; we provide careers that blend meaningful service with professional growth.

  • Diverse roles
  • Continuous training
  • Clearance upgrading & sponsorship
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