Enabling America’s Kill Chain

The fully integrated Containerized Secure Unit (CSU) stands as the linchpin in enabling America’s kill chain—a revolutionary concept transforming the way we approach security and communication. This mobile, secure data, and communication hub safeguard sensitive information anytime, anywhere. Trust in a versatile infrastructure for confident handling of classified data, whether in the field or at a stationary facility.

Revolutionizing Joint-Communication in national defense

How We Are Enabling America’s Kill Chain

In an era where strategic joint-communication is paramount, CenCore’s CSU’s stand apart, revolutionizing the landscape of secure communication networks.

What is a SCIF?

Secure Environments for Classified Matters:

A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) is a highly secure and controlled environment designed to safeguard classified information. These facilities are meticulously constructed and equipped to prevent unauthorized access and protect against electronic surveillance.

Government-Approved Security Standards:

SCIFs adhere to strict government protocols, meeting standards such as ICD 705 and IC regulations. Found in military, defense, and intelligence operations, they offer secure spaces for discussions, data handling, and decision-making on classified matters. Access is restricted to individuals with the necessary security clearances, and the facilities are fortified against external threats for utmost confidentiality.

Key Benefits of CenCore’s CSU

Foster Real-Time Data Exchange

The CenCore CSU utilizes cutting-edge technology to establish a secure, on-the-move facility, available in 20-foot or 40-foot configurations, tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. This transportable unit boasts a robust communications infrastructure, enabling seamless networking with other CSU’s. Authorized users can access classified information wherever deployment takes them, fostering real-time data exchange and decision-making in the most challenging situations.

Strategically Integrated, Meticulously Secured


Leverage our vast network of specialized partnerships, bringing together top-tier solution providers for the most comprehensive and tailored Compartmentalized Secure Unit (CSU).


Benefit from our exclusive, meticulously designed CSUs tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to innovation ensures seamless integration and a proprietary design, setting your security infrastructure apart.


Rely on our internal specialists to meticulously accredit and secure your CSU, ensuring it surpasses industry regulations and aligns with the highest standards, providing you with unparalleled assurance in security and compliance.


Benefit from our engineering expertise that ensures flawless integration and complete customizations, guaranteeing your CSU is delivered ready for use, be it by plane, train, boat, or in the most challenging environments worldwide.

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