Cleared Physical Security

CenCore is the Largest Defense Contractor to Provide Cleared Security Personnel in the IC Community

Our security personnel hold top-tier clearances including TS, TS/SCI, TS/SCI w/ CI Polygraph, and TS/SCI w/ Full Scope Polygraph.

Access Control Specialists

CenCore’s Access Control Specialists play a crucial role in data center security. Trained for critical security, they offer advanced screening and access security.

Construction Surveillance Technicians

CenCore’s CSTs ensure construction site security. Available for quick deployment, they offer advanced surveillance and risk management, enhancing project safety & ensuring site accreditation.

Security Escorts

Security escorts ensure safety throughout the facility. Specializing in data centers, construction sites, and secure facilities, they offer vigilant protection & securely facilitate uncleared individuals.

Cleared Armed Guards

CenCore’s Cleared Armed Guards assure secure exterior site safety. Trained for cleared armed or unarmed security needs, our security guards have you covered.

Training Our Team to a Three C’s Standard: Competent, Capable, and Credible

At CenCore, we instill the essence of the 3 C’s – Competent, Credible, and Capable when it comes to cleared physical security. Technical competence is our foundation, ensuring our team navigates complexities with ease. As they progress, mission qualifications and credibility take center stage, earning trust in the field. We aim for anticipators—individuals foreseeing challenges and proactively addressing them. Approving tasks isn’t routine; it’s a commitment to the 3 C’s—accomplished, competent, credible, and capable. It reflects our pursuit of excellence and the assurance that our team embodies indispensable mission principles.

We Provide Escorts to All 50 States
Provider of Escorts to the Intelligence Community
Highly Cleared & Trained Security Personnel

Are You Searching for Highly Cleared Physical Security?

Our security personnel possess top-tier clearances, including TS, TS/SCI, TS/SCI w/ CI Polygraph, and TS/SCI w/ Full Scope Polygraphs. Specializing in rapid deployment, we excel in short-term TDY (temporary duty) and long-term projects. Trust us for swift, secure solutions.

No-Fail Security Services

At CenCore Group, security is ingrained in our DNA. Our continuous training programs ensure industry-leading expertise, resulting in an unparalleled record of no-fail security. Trust us for the highest level of security for your secure facility.

Data Center Security

Our Security Escorts and Access Control Specialists are specially trained for data center security, offering vigilant protection and secure access control to safeguard your critical data infrastructure. Trust CenCore for comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific requirements of data center security.

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