Intel & IT

Elevate Your Career in Intel and IT

At Cencore, we redefine the landscape of intelligence analysis support and information technology services. From IMINT to All-Source Analyst roles in intelligence to Cyber Security and System Engineer positions in IT, our extensive opportunities enable you to contribute to avant-garde initiatives. Join us and be part of the team that excels in delivering efficient solutions while implementing the latest advancements. Cencore drives innovation across all disciplines of intelligence and all facets of IT support. 

Unleashing Intel Excellence

Explore the forefront of intelligence solutions at Cencore. Our expert team provides innovative support across the Intelligence Community, from tactical analysis to strategic planning. With mission-critical staffing, maintenance, and cutting-edge operations, we augment intelligence capabilities to satisfy and exceed expectations.  

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IT Services

CenCore facilitates the complete IT lifecycle, encompassing design, consultation, integration, and ongoing maintenance of enterprises, along with the meticulous securing of essential and critical systems, equipment, and networks. Collaborating closely with clients, CenCore engineers create industry-leading infrastructures characterized by their contemporaneity, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency. 

Intelligence Services

CenCore provides innovative solutions and expertise to our clients across the Intelligence Community. We provide support at tactical and strategic levels, including intelligence analysis, operations support, doctrine, planning, policy, and security support. CenCore is adept and provides mission-essential staffing, maintenance, sustainment, and informational systems operations. Our essential support helps our clients find affordable, efficient, and satisfactory solutions to their requirements.  

Supporting the Entire IT Lifecycle

Experience the pinnacle of IT services with Cencore. From designing and consulting to integrating and securing vital systems, we support the entire IT lifecycle. Collaborating closely with clients, we architect infrastructures that set industry standards, known for their scalability, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency. 

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